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CAP100 and CAP100BP
Inline Filtration systems - CAP100 and CAP100BPThe CAP100 and CAP100BP inline filtration systems provide homeowners with a significantly higher level of particulate filtration than standard furnace filters or electrostatic filters, at an economical cost. These in-line filtration systems capture up to 97% of the particulate pollutants that standard furnace filters miss, including fine dirt and dust particles and pollens. Some models also incorporate UV Plus lamp technology (germicidal UV & photolysis) to control microbial growth, volatile organic compounds, and odors.These high-performance, two-stage filtration systems feature excellent dirt-holding capacity for long filter life, and low static resistance (0.12" @ 1,200 cfm) to minimize the load on the HVAC blower. With a rated efficiency of up to 97% at 6 microns, the CAP100 and CAP100BP are designed to capture fine particles as small as one micron in size that pass right through furnace filters, such as fine dirt and dust, animal hair and dander, soot, and pollens. The CAP100BP model also features a Bio-PleatŪ final filter treated with a broad spectrum anti-microbial agent to kill microbes trapped on the filter surface


CAP100-UVP Model

CAP100-UVP Model - Built in UV light!The CAP100-UVP model combines all of the particulate filtration and design features of the CAP100 model with our UV Plus (UV and photolysis) technologies for controlling bacteria, viruses, and other microbes, as well as odors. The extra-long UV Plus lamp is located in a compartment between the two filters. Numerous build-in safety features ensure that installers or homeowners can not be directly exposed to the lamps.


CAP300 Series
 Indoor Air Quality Control Experts - Accutempair - UV Light
The UltraViolight Plus? system utilizes the same UV Plus lamp technology available in the CAP100 series to destroy bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi, and other microbial pollutants and to break down volatile organic compounds and odors from pets, smokers, cooking, and household chemicals. The UltraViolight Plus? Central Air Purifier (CAP300-UVP1) is primarily designed for use in homes with microbial growth, VOC, humidity, moisture, or odor problems. Since this system does not provide particulate filtration, it is the perfect choice for homes that already have an upgraded HVAC particulate filtration unit such as the CAP100 or CAP100BP, or a competitive model. The UltraViolight Plus? system features the same UV Plus lamp (germicidal UV and photolysis) used in the CAP100-UVP model.


Standard CAP600 Model

Indoor Air Quality - Three stage filtration systemThis model is equipped with three stages of filtration. The first stage is a furnace-type throwaway filter designed to capture coarse particulates and to extend the life of the subsequent filters. The second stage is a dual-purpose pleated filter, with a layer of particulate media for capturing finer visible particles, and a layer of carbon media for removing gases, VOCS, and odors. An optional heavy-duty granular carbon filter is also available for homes with more severe VOC or odor problems from smokers, pets, or cooking. The final stage HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is tested and certified to be at least 99.97% efficient for capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns in size, such as bacteria, mold and fungal spores, pollens, and lung-damaging particles.


CAP600-UVP Model

Indoor Air Quality - The Ultimate in Air Purification!This "best of the best" model provides homeowners with the ultimate inCentral air purifiers central air purification. The CAP600-UVP offers all of the features of the standard CAP600 model, combined with the added benefits of our UV Plus (UVGI + ozone) technology. The UV Plus lamp is installed on the inlet side of the HEPA filter to continuously irradiate passing contaminants and kill biological contaminants trapped on the HEPA media. A safety interlock switch and other design features prevent any possibility of direct exposure to UVGI radiation. An ozone-free model (CAP600-UV) is also available.

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